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from past papal inaugurations. among other things not every cardinal is going to come up and give him his pledge of obedience. that has two advantages, one is it will make it shorter but the other is there won't be embarrassing moments with some controversial cardinals. >> here's cardinal turan presenting him with the pallium. he's the man who shouted out we have a pope the other night. and the bishop of this church, which he together with the apostle, paul, brought fort in faith. may the spirit of truth, which proceeds from the father bestow rich inspiration and inlow consequence upon your ministry of confirming the brothers in the unity of faith. ♪
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there he is, he has the pallium now, there it is. the simple white wool cloth, base placed on his shoulders to remind him and the world that he is the gatherer of lost sheep. >> let us pray. cardinal, oh god who does not
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appoint those who call upon you with upright and developed hearts. hear the fervent rare of your church and pour forth your blessing upon your servant, francis, our pope, to whom, through our humble service you have granted kindness in the apostolic office. may he be strengthened by the gift of your holy spirit and worth any exercise his high ministry in accordance with the eminent chris ma he has received through christ our lord. ♪ ♪ amen amen
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340,000 people in that square, the italian radio estimates. now the presentation of the fisherm fisherman's ring. >> translator: most holy father, bishop and pastor of our souls, may christ, the son of the living god, who built his church upon this rock, himself grant to you the signet ring of the
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fisherm fisherman peter, from the sea of galilee, whom the lord entrusted the keyes to the kingdom of heaven. today you exceed peter as bishop of the church who presides over charity as the blessed paul taught. may the spirit of charity pour upon our hearts, bestow strength and gentlemenness upon your ministry of preserving of the community all those who believe in christ. ♪ ♪
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sea of galilee, to this grand ceremony. also i'm struck by the very simple hand shake, nothing elaborate, just two friends. >> vigorous hand shake, too. >> like jesus and peter. >> there it is, there it is, the ring. many centuries, it was the pope's ring that sealed papal documents, official vatican documents. this is the act of obedience that selected cardinals are making to the pope. the cardinals from around the world, signaling their
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obedience. that's cardinal bertoni, secretary of state of the vatican. >> now, pope francis had apparently sort of stripped this ceremony down as well. it's just six cardinal, i believe, who will do this, symbolically for the rest of the college of cardinals. >> two from each of the orders of cardinals. two cardinal bishops, two cardinal priests, two cardinal deacons. again this was every single cardinal in previous papal inaugural masses. this is cutting it down a great deal. >> trimmed down. and he's receiving them and greeting them as much as they are greeting him. i want to go to john thavis in rome having covered the papalcy for 30 year. this is one of those changes that pope francis has made.
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in the past several day, what you've seen, what stands out, what do you make of this guy? >> one word, simplicity. we've just seen it here. the plan had -- the program was for all of the cardinals to come up and make this profession of obedience. i think he realized this is going prolong the service by about an hour and a half. the new pope is said to like shorter liturgies. that's why he also eliminated the offertory ceremony. he will not deliver communion. which surprised people. he does not want to make himself a attraction. getting in line for communion with the pope gave the people an idea they were privileged. this is a different style. like we have seen him adrop a different style in the way he greets people, the way he addresses crowds and the way he
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generally acts in front of the world. >> john, thanks very much. we want to let you know, the inaugural mass is about to begin now that the moments of symbolic inauguration of the papacy have concluded. we are going pause again to let some stations go to their local programming as the mass begins but our live coverage here and online will continue. >> so, as the mass begins, it may be a moment to take a moment and talk about something that is in the news that is significant about this pope, and that is a shadow from argentina's history that accompanies him here, the dirty war, terrible civil conflict between a conservative government and leftist rebellion in the 1970s. many thousands of people disappeared, killed.
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the role of many people in the catholic church questioned, challenged on both sides. and cokie, i just want to go to you on this. this is something that has been brought up by critics of then cardinal bergoglio, now pope francis, that he did not do enough. some even say that he might have been complicit. >> he was actually superior, the provincial of the judgments at the time of the dirty war. and there was one particular accusation about two jesuits who were working with the poor. they were what we called at the time liberation theologians, and then father bergoglio had his disagreement was that theology. but, and the accusation is that he with drew his protection from them and they were then tortured
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and almost killed by the regime. in the days since he has been named pope, we have seen a lot of reporting on this. and what appears to be the case was that he was not a collaborator in any way with the military regime. but that he was not a martyr, either. he was not out there and screaming against the regime. he apparently did work behind the scenes. hid people, hid prisoners and did work to get those two jesuits released. and he has -- one of them has since died and another he has made -- he has reconciled with. but it was a very terrible time in argentina's history. and it is something that is going to shadow him. there's a report today in one of the italian papers that the first saint that he plans to name as a saint, to be added by,
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is carlos di ios marias, who was in factor toured and killed. >> he was a jesuit. what people might not understand, cokie, you gave a very good summary of that. the role as judge provincial when working in a country like that is often to protect your men. it was often behind his desire to stop people behind their ministry was his fear of being in danger. so as provincial he wanted to protect them in a sense. even the winner of tnobel peace prize said he was not complicit. what he was trying do from all the jesuits tell me was to protect these two men that was
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in his care. he did the best that he could. >> i want to go to helen on this. they all brought the same baggage from the history and politics and conflicts of italy. now the cardinals are going properly around the world, the histories and struggles, conflicts, internal disagreements of different countries will come from the papacy. pope francis brings that terrible chapter in argentina's history to the papacy. what impact do you think it has? do you think people are out to get him by bringing this up, or how do you read it? >> well, you know, as cokie roberts rightly said, there's been a lot of reporting on this since the days he was elected. and, i think a fair summary of his harshest british is that his harshest critic is someone from a newspaper that is closely alive with the government that then cardinal bergoglio very
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harshly criticized and that this critic was also, maybe had some skeletons in his closet with regard to his own behavior during the dirty war and this critic is the one keeping this allegation most alive and making it most bow siff rourousely. the cardinal at the time said he did work behind the scenes in order to assist and even free people. that said, it's very appropriate that we have the situation of countries all over the world elevated to global awareness and that it's great that we have popes from those countries to do that. one of the most wonderful things about any time you spend at the vatican is that you break out of your own limited understanding of the catholic church and you come into contact with people who have grown up with a really
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different understanding of the church, different spirit ut, different interaction between the church and political regimes. and you come away with a much greater appreciation of what is actually universal about the church versus what you've experienced locally. you always grow by it and you want to bring that back to our own country and say, wow, maybe we can do things a little differently or better here from what i've learned about africa, or germany or jordan. i find it a very uplifting experience of the universal church. certainly he'll bring the latin american experience home to the united states and elsewhere. >> what we're hearing here is "the gloria." we don't normally hear "the gloria" during lent. it is the song of joy. but that is one of the reasons why this ceremony is taking place today. the feast of st. joseph is not
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lent. so you can have "the gloria." i was delighted to learn the feast of st. joseph is such a solemnity of the church. i've gone these decades without knowing that, and i think he deserves it. >> and he's also choosing the readings of the day. another for catholics is a simple symbol. he's not choosing the readings for an installation of a pope. he's doing regular readings that everyone would hear at mass today. also st. joseph san josepe his beloved in italy. and i'm certainly sure that's not unnoticed. >> and that's something being celebrated here today. how appropriate. >> the word pope, comes from papa, the word father.
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>> and it's father's day in italy. >> as "the gloria" concludes. transgrant we pray om nip tent god that the mysteries of human salvation whose beginnings you entrusted to the faithful watch of st. joseph, may with his intercession be preserved and fulfilled by your church, through your lord, jesus christ, your son, who lives with you and rules the unit of the holy spirit god. for all eternity. >> one thing i like to point out these are prayers and readings that people would hear today. go to mass in your local church and that's the exact prayer that you'll hear. it is a real sense of the
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universeality of the church. >> of course hearing it in latin, for some of us, that is what we heard as children on this day. >> a reading from the second book of samuel. the word of the lord came to nathan. go and tell my servant, david, thus the lord speaks. when your days are ended, and you are laid to rest with your ancestors, i will preserve the offering of your body after you and make his sovereignty secure. it is he who shall build a house for my name and i will make his royal throne secure forever. i will be a father to him and he a son to me.
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your house and your sovereignty will always stand secure before me. and your throne be established forever. ♪ >> the first reading concludes, i would like to go to ron claiborne in the square. ron, you had mentioned that as the mass began, the solemn moment in the crowd, wheat the feeling like out there as 340,000 people join the pope in this inaugural mass? >> terry, as you said, an enormous crowd filling up down to the main boulevard, leading to the basilica, following along with the programs that many are them have handed out, singing along with the ceremony. again, very solemn, very
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respectful. watching very adamantly what is happening on the basilica or on one of the large screens off to the left. a jubilent mass, when the pope moving around in the open jeep, now listening very carefully, some singing along, paying very much respectful attention to what is going on on the stairs behind me. ♪ ♪ >> for noncatholics this is the respa
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response sore yal song, the phrase from the canter "he shall live foreverforever." >> beautiful little boy, he has a beautiful voice. i think all of us have tears in our eyes watching him. ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> translator: brothers, it was not the observance of the law, but the justification obtained by the faith which abraham, cane from his desend dents the promise of inheriting the world. for that reason, since all depends on faith, all is grace, and so, the promise is assured for all of his descendents. not only for his legal descendents, but also for the descendent that is born from the faith of abraham who is the father of all of us, so says the scripture, i make you the father ofpeeplopl "people"s.
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that which calls into existence that which does not exist, abraham believed, relying on all hope, that he would become the father of many nations according to what he had said, thus will be your descendents, and for this reason, his justification was valid. >> people will notice that the readings are about fatherhood so nathan and david, the fatherhood of abraham and the gospel about jesus' foster father, joseph. >> and we've had one in english, one in spanish and the gospel will be in greek. >> very beautiful that the gospel is in greek, its original language, of course, but also on to the east in terms of reaching out to the eastern churches. i think this is very beautiful in its original language in the way the first christians would
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have heard it proclaimed and even some speller's son. >> the deacon is blessed by the presider. >> may the words of the gospel be on your lips and your hearts. they worthy proclaim it. now he'll go to the altar and gear the book of gospels to the procession. that's the eastern style with
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his stoll over the book of cost pells. >> once again, the eastern style of rites, eastern style of worship. >> now to father john walk, if i may, in rome. like father martin, you've said a lot of masses. when you watch something like this, of this grandness, gloriousness, how do you respond? >> well, i think what we're seeing today is sort of a confluence of enormous continuity and diversity. obviously, as you say, having lived in rome here for almost 20 years, i've seen a lot of masses in st. peter's square, seen a lot of very big crowds for john paul ii, for benedict and now for francis but there's a different tone in the masses of
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john paul ii, the mass of benedict and now of francis. it occurred to me while you were talking earlier -- let's wait a second. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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[ speaking in foreign language ]
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[ singing in foreign language ] [ singing in foreign language ] >> the ringing cadences of greek sounding out across st. peter's square. the gospel reading from the
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first passage from st. matthew. when joseph learned that the virgin mary was pregnant. in that moment while he had a right to do far worse, he would put aside this woman quietly. but an angel of the lord, the gospel said, appeared to him and said no, this is the lord's job. this is a sign of the dedication of joseph, his special mission of the world. >> he would have been within his rights to divorce her. they were bethothed. the angel said do not be afraid which is common for people to hear in the gospels. people hear words like angelos, so beautiful to hear in the original gospel. >> i want to go back to father john walk as the pope makes his way. he will deliver a homily. you were saying just before the
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gospel reading began. >> yes. i think listening to the story of the vocation of joseph in the gospel today, we're reminded that it's very appropriate since the beginning of the uppontifi e pontificate, joseph was the man who was chose ton be a foster father of his family. the pope was called to be the adoptive father of a billion catholics all over the world. to hear the story of joseph as this pontificate begins, is beautiful. >> joseph is given no lines in the new testament to utter. we don't know very much about joseph. we know he was a carpenter in greek, a craftsman. we don't know what happened to him. he's probably dead before the cru crucifixion. because he doesn't show up there.
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there's this hidden life. yet a life that was probably one of the most important in history. this silent man who helps to train and form jesus as a young man. >> essential. >> and here's the pope. >> translator: i thank the lord that i can celebrate this holy mass for the inauguration of my ministry on the sa lynnity of the spouse of the virgin mary and patron of the church. it's significance coincidence and also the name day of my venerable predecessor. we are close to him, without prayers, full of affection and gratitude. i offer a warm greeting to my brother cardinals, bishops,
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priests, deacon, man and woman religious and all of the lay faithful. i thank the representatives of the other churches and ecclesiastical community as well as the representatives of the jewish community and the other religious communities for their presence. my cordial greetings go to the heads and states of government. members of official delegations from many countries throughout the world and diplomatic corps. in the gospel we heard that chose ef did as the angel of the lord commanded him and took mary as his wife. these words already point to the mission which god entrust to
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joseph. he is to be the protector. the protector of whom? of mary and jesus but this protection is then extended to the church as blessed john paul ii pointed out. just as st. joseph took loving care of mary and gladly dedicated himself to jesus christ, he likewise watches over and protects christ's mystical body, the church, which the virgin mary is the exampler and model. how does joseph exercise his role as protector? discreetly, humbly and silently. but with an unfailing presence,
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another finality, even when he finds it hard to understand. from the time of his betrothal to mary, he's there with every moment with loving care. as the spouse of mary is, in good times and bad on the journey to bethlehem for the senses and in the anxious and joyful hours when she gave birth. amid drama of the flight into egypt and during the frantic search for their child in the temple and later in the day-to-day life of the home of nazareth, in the workshop where he talks straight to jesus. how does joseph respond to his
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calling to be the protector of mary? jesus and the church? by being constantly attentive to god, open to the signs of god's presence, and receptive to god's plans. and not simply to his own. this is simply what god asks of david as we heard and god does not want a house built by men, but faithfulness to his word and to his plan. it is god himself who builds the house. but from living stones, sealed by his spirit. joseph is a protector. because he is able to hear god's voice and be guided by his will, and for this reason, is all the
2:17 am
more sensitive to the persons entrusted to his safe keeping. he can look at things realistically. he is in touch with his surroundings. he can make truly wise decisions, and we learn how to respond to god's call. readily and willingly. but we also see the corps of the christian location which is christ. let us protect christ in our lives so we can protect others, so we can protect creation. the vocation of being a protector, however, is not just something involving us christians alone. it also has a prior dimension
2:18 am
which is simply human involving everyone. it means all creation, the beauty of the creative world as the book of genesis tells us as st. francis of assistissi showe. it means respecting all creatures and respecting the environment where we live. it means respecting people, showing loving concern for each person, especially children, the elderly, those in need who are often the last we think about. it means caring for one another and our families. husbands and wives.
2:19 am
first protect one another and then as parents they can care for their children. and children themselves in time protect their parents. it means building sincere friendships from which we protect one another in trust, respect and goodness. in the end, everything has been entrusted to our protection. and all of us are responsible for it. be protectors of god's gifts. whenever human beings fail to live up to this responsibility. whenever we failed to care for creation, and for our brothers and sisters, the way is open to
2:20 am
destruction. and hearts are hardened. tragically in every period in history there are herrods who pluck death, wreak havoc and mar the confidence of men and women. i would like to ask all of those who have positions of responsibility in economic, political and social life, and all men and women of goodwill, let us be protectors of creation, protectors of god's plan inscribed in nature. protectors of one another and of the environment. let us not allow omens of destruction and death to accompany the events of this
2:21 am
world. but to be protectors we also have to keep watch of ourselves. let us not forget, let us not forget the hatred and pride defy our lives. being protectors then also means keeping watch over our emotions, over our hearts, because they are the seat of god and evil men's intentions, intentions that build up and tear down. we must not be afraid of goodness or even tenderness. here i will add one more thing. caring. caring, protecting, demands
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goodness. it calls for a certain tenderness. in the gospel's st. joseph appears as a strong and courageous man, a working man, yet in his heart, we see great tenderness, which is not the virtue of the weak, but rather a sign of strength, of spirit, and a capacity for concern, for compassion, for general openness to others, for love, the capacity to love. we must not be afraid of goodness, of tenderness. today, today, together, with the feast of st. joseph, we are celebrating the beginning of the ministry of the new bishop of rome, the successor of peter,
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which also involves a certain power. certainly, jesus christ conferred power upon peter, but what sort of power was it? jesus asks gentlemens of peter about love are followed by three commands, feed my lambs, feed my sheep, let us never forget their authentic power is service and that the pope, too, when exercising power, must enter even more fully into that service which adds its radiant culmination on the cross. he must be inspired by the lowly
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and faithful service which marked with tender affection, which marked st. joseph, and like him, he must open his arms to protect all of god's people and embrace with tenderness and affection the all of humanity, especially the poorest, the weakest, the least important. those who matthew lists in the final judgment on love, the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick, and those in prison, only those who serve with love are able to protect. in the second reading, st. paul speaks of abraham who hoping against hope, believed, hoping against hope, today, today, too, amid so much darkness, we need to see the light of hope, and to
2:25 am
be men and women who bring hope to others. to protect creation, to protect every man and every woman, to look upon them with tenderness and love is to open up our live s and hope. it is to let the shaft of light break through the heavy clouds, it is to bring the warmth of hope, for believers, for us christians like abraham, like st. joseph. the hope that we bring is set against the horizon of god which has opened up before us in christ. it is hope built on the rock which is god. to protect jesus, with mary, to protect the whole of creation, to protect each person,
2:26 am
especially the poorest. to protect yourselves. this is a service that the bishop of rome is called to carry out. yet one to which all of us are called, so that the star of hope will shine brightly, let us protect with love all that god has given us. i implore the intercession of the versionen marys, joseph, saints, peter and paul and st. francis that the holy spirit may accompany my ministry and i ask all of you to pray for me. amen. [ applause ] pope francis giving this homily at his inaugural mass, considered a major statement about his papacy, was passionate, direct, reflecting on the role of st. joseph and
2:27 am
calling to the leaders of the world associated, sitting there, and the people there and elsewhere to live the service, the kind of service that st. joseph embodied, especially when it comes to the environment and taking care of the neediest. we are going to pause for a moment as this inaugural mass of pope francis continues. we are going to let some of the stayings go to local programming now that the pope finished his homily but our live coverage here and online will continue. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> for non-catholics this is the
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creed, the time we profess of what we for noncatholics this the is creed, something we profess what we believe, something for catholics, at sunday masses. this is the statement of belief that comes down to us from the centuries. >> and the beautiful gre gore yan chant which many of us recognize and over-the-creptries, it remains the most prayerful song at the church. >> and i'd like to pick up on the words of pope francis and in that homily, in which very directly, and very passionately at times, he took up the example of st. joseph, the husband of mary, who raised jesus christ, as an example of service, discrete, summable service. a person that can be counted on
2:30 am
to make good decisions and expand upon that as pope of the world and our world. emphasizing the duty to serve creation, what he said, respecting each of god's creatures in the environment, came back to that. the point about creation about the environment, and emphasized also with great, great passion, commitment to those who are least among us, the needy and the poor. and i'd like to go to helen in washington, if i may. this is considered the first major statement of his papacy in some ways. >> it is a homily. close in this. but what are you hearing? >> it's an honor to be even asked to comment on something. inth inaugural statement is big. there were several thins i heard. because i was present for the mass of pope benedict.
2:31 am
i remember some of the words. this was simple and direct language like the player of our father, hail mary, glory be when he first got started on the balcony. very simple words. i also did my master's thesis in theology on bishops as servants, and catholic lay persons that service is the primary call. one might also say love is our primary call. what was interesting to me, when he talked about the power of the papacy, and power of the figure of st. joseph, the foster father of god himself, he refers to that power being constituted by the ability to love, to develop a capacity for the other. it's interesting, both protector and receptive, two sides, we often think of those as the male and female side of personality. he is saying that every catholic is called to be both protector and receptive.
2:32 am
it strikes me this is the unifying theme for his papacy, right, it brings together all of the issues he cares about. >> including protector of ourselves. >> right. >> yeah, the idea of being the protector of the world and ourselves, our ownselves, i thought it was very interesting, how many times he used the word tenderness. very gentle words, tenderness. he said that the lord's most important attribute was mercy. mercy, tenderness. he talked about the poor of service. interesting, he talked about st. joseph, in touch with his surroundings, but not someone who is interior, but knew what was going on in the world. >> now the prayers of the faithful. >> i would like to go to cecilia vega who is in the square, has been there all morning, during that amazing drive through the square that pope francis took and now this mass, this homilily i heard interrupted by applause a few times.
2:33 am
>> you're right, terry, there are large screens scattered all over st. peter's square where people are gathered to watch this, not just inside the square but also right outside. and i thought perhaps a couple of hours in as we are now to this service, to this morning, the pope making his way through the square and through the pockets of town here that maybe this crowd of thousand, tens of thousand, hundreds of thousands, we believe may have dissipated by now. that is in fact not happened at all. they are standing attentively paying attention, participating in this mass, really. outside. st. peter's square has taken on the feel of a church right now. it feels like we are inside the church. as you mentioned pockets of applause, especially during handful of moments during the pope's homily where he said the poorest, humblest. the naked, those are people that need to be protected and that's
2:34 am
when this crowd ahe erupted in applause. another moment i was truck by when the pope said all of those in positions of responsibility must protect one another in the environment. there were pockets of applause. so, clearly, this crowd in sync with the pope's message here today and joining along him -- joining along with him in this celebration of mass. terry. >> maybe a green pope. >> yes. >> i guess the people have been talking about the church could use an epope, someone who is comfortable within the digital age, but maybe a green pope. >> he was known as a green cardinal in argentina, and that was one of his missions, was protecting the environment. but i thought it was so interesting, when he got applause, when he said we must not be afraid of goodness or even tenderness. and then he said it again. so that the people could get it. at that point, he did get applause on that line. but i also thought, when he talked about joseph's willingness to be open to god,
2:35 am
and to god's voice, he said you have to respond to god's call readily and willingly and i thought that was a reference to himself. >> and confident trust to christ our lord. >> also, his new patron, st. francis was certainly a green person, lover of the environment, brother of the sun, talking about brother moon and brother stars. so i think that fits also with the name that he chose as well. >> francis of asissi modeling the radical love for the poor, radical love for the environment and this is the first pope of that name. i would like to go to ron claiborne now. the homily delivered in italian, is the bishop of rome. there are people all over the world there. ron is moving around in that square at the moment. >> there he is. >> i am here. still in my place here. we have quite a few people from
2:36 am
other countries, obviously argentina, based on the blue and white flags we're seeing all around us and also right next to me the mexican flag. quite a few people presumably are following around the service but do not understand it. they are, however, giving out a really beautiful program which has translations from the italian, english and spanish. i see a number of people following along with the program. very large crowd. very multi national. but i do believe most people are understanding what is going on. they are certainly paying attention, very respectful and very attentive, even though this ceremony has been going on for quite a while now. >> ron, right in the thick of the vast crowd in st. peter's square. he's 6'3" so we can see him over top of the crowd. john, what did you make of the pope's homily. what did you hear in it? >> i think he laid out,
2:37 am
basically, the principles by which he is going to be pope. he talks about service as humility, the power of the papacy, as humble kind of service and that clearly is what he has in mind. he talked about protecting, not only people but the environment. i thought it was interesting that, however, as soon as he said this, he said we must start with ourselves, and i'm sure that whenever we hear talk of a green pope, we think of a pope who is interested in ecological issues alone. i think from pope benedict we learned that ecology for catholics begins with your own personal life and i think that's what we're going to hear from pope francis. >> there's also a sense of this is a fellow who takes public transportation, too, so as john was saying, if you want to be green, start with yourself and start changing yourself. it was interesting how many times he mentioned environment
2:38 am
and creation and now we're moving to the liturgy and eucharist. and father john wauck, as we move to the liturgy of the eucharist, this part of the mass, your thought on the pope's major statement. once again, a homily, certainly, what did you hear in it? >> behind everything the pope was saying, i was hearing the echoes of the latin phrase, the servant of the servant of godly is one of the traditional titles of the roman pontiff. he is a servant called to serve all of the other servants. all of the catholic church are called to the spirit of service imitating st. joseph on the one hand who was a caretaker, took care of the family of god on earth but also st. peter who took care of christ's flock. and we are called, all catholics are called, in addition to the
2:39 am
pope, to do the same thing. as he said, we've entrusted with the care of god's gifts that have been given to us, that includes our own live, that clouds people closest to us, includes the poorest of the poor, includes our environment as well. god's plan for creation. we have to take care of that. it's all a gift from god that we've been entrusted with. and we have to be protectors as st. joseph was a protector of mary and jesus. >> in his words, the pope's words, and the way he greeted the cardinals in this whole day, you have to enjoy being a priest. >> he obviously enjoys being a priest. he loves it. it's his main vocation after he was a jesuit, he was order da d. he is comfortable among the pomp and among the poor. he's free enough to be at home
2:40 am
at st. peter's basilica, but watch aids patients. i think it's interesting how he referred to himself as not supreme pontiff but bishop of rome. sending out the signal of brotherhood to other bishops in the united nations. transpray with me, brothers that my sacrifice and yours may be acceptable to god the all mighty father. may the lord accept the sacrifice at your hands for the praise and glory of his name. we pray, o, lord, that just as st. joseph served with loving care your only begotten son, born of the virgin mary, so we may be worthy to minister the pure heart at your altar through christ our lord. the lord be with you and with
2:41 am
your spirit. lift up your hearts, we lift them up. >> father martin, for those watching the mash -- >> let us give thanks to the lord our god. >> what is happening now? >> this is the preface. he just greeted people, the lord be with you and also with your spirit and now because it's the feast of st. joseph, he will give us a prayer that is leading into the mass about st. joseph. >> this moment in the mass is a preface to what? >> this is the preface to the c cons krags to the bread and wine much the mass progresses up to the most solemn moment, as we call the eucharist. and he'll distribute the eucharistly is the body of christ. he is acting as any priest
2:42 am
would. ever since his order nation, he will do this every day. s priests do this every day all over the world. anyway our voices we pray join with theirs in humble praise as we acclaim. >> this is called sanctus. praise to god, holly, holly, holly. >> this cons he is krags comes from the jew impasseover. we see the lifting of bread, the unleaven bread at the time was. and then the lifting of the cup, after the meal was ended. so the fourth cup of the service, so this is a very
2:43 am
ancient ritual. >> jesus said at the last supper, do this in memory of me. this is what we do. this is what we've done for 2,000 years. once again, i think it's so beautiful that a person could go to their local parish. they might be there right now and participating in the exact same rites all over the world, participate in the eucharist and participate in what we catholics call the body of christ which is the church on earth. ♪
2:44 am
>> translator: to you, most merciful father, we ask that you accept and bless these gifts, these offerings these holy and unblemished sacrifices which we offer you firstly for your holy catholic church. be pleased to grant her peace, to guard your night and govern her throughout the whole world together with me, your unworthy servant whom you have chosen to preside over your church. and all of those who holding to the truth hand on the catholic and apostolic faith. remember, lord, your servants and all gathered here whose faith and devotion are known to you. for them, we offer you this
2:45 am
sacrifice of praise, or they offer it for themselves and all who are dear to them, for the redemption of their souls in hope of health and well being in paying there homage to you the eternal god, living and true. in communion whose memory we generate, especially mary, mother of our god and lord, jesus christ, and blessed joseph. her spunsd blessed apostles and martyrs. peter and paul, andrew, james, john, thomas, james, phillip,
2:46 am
bartholomew, matthew, simon and jude, linus, cletus, sixtus. law rins laurence, john and paul and all of your saints we ask that through their merits and prayers, in all things, we may defend it by your protecting help. therefore, lord, we pray, graciously accept this oblation of our service, that and your whole family, and command we be delivered from intern dal
2:47 am
damnation and counted among the flock that you have chosen. be pleased, o, god, we pray, to bless, acknowledge and approve this offering in every respect. make it spiritual and acceptable so that it may become for us the body and blood of your most beloved son, our lord, jesus christ. on the day before he was to suffer, he took bread, in his holy and venerable hands and with his eyes raised to heaven to you, o god, his all mighty father, give ugg thanks, he said the blessing. broke the bread and give it to
2:48 am
his disciples saying, take this, all of you and eat of it, for this is my body which will be given up for you. in a similar way, when the supper was ended, he took this precious chalice in his holy and venerable hands and once more, give ugg thanks, he said the blessing, then gave the chalice to his disciples saying, take this, all of you and drink from it. for this is the chalice of my
2:49 am
glad, the blood of the new and eternal covenant. which whilewill be poured out four and many for the forgiveness of sins. do this in memory of me. ♪ ♪
2:50 am
>> translator: therefore, o lord, as we celebrate the memorial of the blessed passion, the resurrection from the dead and glorious ascension into heaven of christ, we arer is vabts and your holy people offer to your glorious majesty, from the gifts that you have given us, this pure victim, this holy victim, this spotless victim, the holy bread of eternal life and chalice of ever lasting salvation, be pleased to look upon these offerings with serene and kindly continent to accept them as once we are able to look at your servant, the sacrifice of abraham, our father in faith and offering of high priest, the
2:51 am
spotless victim in humble prayer we ask you, all mighty god demand these gifts be born to your holy angel in the altar on high in the sight of your divine majesty so that all of us, who, through this participation in the altar receive the most holy body and blood of your son may be filled with every grace and heavenly blessing. remember, also, lord, there are servant servants grant them, o, lord, we pray and all who sleep in christ refreshment, light and peace.
2:52 am
to us, also, your servants, who, through sinners hope in your abun dapt mercies graciously grant some sharnd fellowship with your holy apostles and martyrs. with john the baptist, steven, mathius. barnabas, ignatius, alexander, peter, felicity, ago that, lucy, agnes, cecelia, anastasia and all your saints, admit us, we beseech you, in your company, not weighing our merits but granting us pardon through christ, our lord. through whom you continue to make all of these good things, o lord, you sanctify them, fill them with life, bless them and bestow them upon us.
2:53 am
♪ >> amen. >> and informed by divine teaching, we dare to say --
2:54 am
♪ >> translator: deliver us, lord, we pray, from every evil, graciously grant peace in our days, that by the help of your
2:55 am
mercy, we may be always free from sin and safe from all disturbance, as we await the blessed hope and the coming of our savior, jesus christ. lord, jesus christ, who said to your apostles, i my peace to you, i give my peace to you. do not look at our sins, but the faith of your church and that according to your will you grant her peace and unity in accordance with your will
2:56 am
forever and ever the peace of the lord be with you always. >> and the kiss of peace after the consecration and the "our father" and in this vast crowd, are nations that have rivalries, nations that are at war. men and women of different faiths here to be present at the inaugural mass of pope francis, really what the kiss of peace is all about, trying to instill some peace, and there is pope francis greeting the leaders of the orthodox churches. >> it's also a great moment, because the idea that before you received the body of christ, you need to be reconciled with one
2:57 am
another, so before we receive christ, we are offering one another peace and forgiveness and reconciliation. >> at the same time, the offer of peace, he did warn against h herrods in our midst of the modern world. >> it is not a homily without a little bite. >> that's interesting combination he's demonstrated in his career, tenderness, simplicity, gentleness that he demonstrates but he doesn't back down from what he stands for, and is willing, on occasion to thunder. >> i know. this is, provincial, he was not afraid to ruffle some feathers during his time. so he's a strong guy, but very tender, as he said. >> but talks about the devil. >> behold the lamb of god.
2:58 am
behold the one who removes the sins of the world, blessed are those called to the supper of the lamb. lord i am not worthy that you should enter under my worth but only say by word and my soul shall be healed. ♪
2:59 am
>> the pope begins to distribute communion, i would just like to go around quickly to our guests, helen, in washington, your thoughts on this day where we saw pope francis drive through the crowd in a white jeep and connect with that vast crowd and then celebrate this mass, speak to the people there and the world for the first time in a significant way. just your final thoughts. >> i guess my overwhelming thought is this feels like what father jim has been saying all along, it's a very grand version of a mass i would see any day of the week. something that anybody can participate in. his gestures, his words simple. they invite everybody in. it feels more like a continuation with emphasis on some beautiful themes that have been part of the catholic tradition but are now going to be highlighted more and not a break with anything.
3:00 am
just a beautiful new beginning but continuous, too. >> john thavis in rome, your thoughts as he now moves to distribute communion to this crowd. >> i can't help but think as i look at this crowd and i look at vast number of delegations, the vips, the great number of, i think there are 132 delegations from various countries and religious leaders participating in this liturgy, i can't help remember there is one person who is not here who would really love to be here and that is our former pope benedict. and he is 17 mile as way, perhaps watching, but not able to actually be present. and i'm -- it struck me, what it must be like to be watching this from a distance and not being able to be here yet, i think, he recognized, as he said right
3:01 am
before he retired, a pope loses his private life and even a retired pope has no real private life. i think he really has decided to be invisible and we're really seeing that today. >> that's a striking, striking thought, for the first time in many hundreds of years there is a former pope, a retired pope, an ex-pope, as you point out, not here in seclusion, dedicating the last of his life to prayer. john wauck as the distribution of communion continues here. >> watching the mass and hearing the language of sacrifice and offering of christ that is so essential to the eucharist, i kept thinking about what the pope has said about the need to serve, to lay down one's life for others.
3:02 am
you know the symbolic value of the cross on the pallium, the red cross, and to think that he is celebrating the mass in st. peter's square. the mass itself is a sacrifice, an offering, again, and recalling the sacrifice of christ but he's doing it in front of that that was a witness to martyrdom to st. peter, saw john paul ii shed his bled when he was almost assassinated. so when pope francis celebrated the mass there, he is in a site that is actually full of history of sacrifice as he's been called to be the successor of st. peter. >> sacrifice, dr. martin. >> i think as a pastor, we've seen that, helen was talking about his priesthood and the example that he sets. we've seen him be very tender with children and people were
3:03 am
hugging him the other day. and it struck me that that was a great homily because it's what they teach you in homiletics class. you make it real for the people. don't speak in a language people can't understand, in a sense he told people what he hopes to do. there's a problematic aspect about being tender and the environment and serving the poor. this is what all of us can do. be protectors in a sense of one another and of the poor in the environment. it wasn't related to his ministry in the bishop of rome but related to his christian life. >> a pastor as you pointed out. i want to go to ron claiborne in the square who has been a witness of the whole morning, the whole process from the resignation of pope benedict to selection of cardinal bergoglio, and now this mass. ron. it may be that the crowd has at
3:04 am
last swallowed him up. there he is. >> here i am. i'm in the crowd where we're seeing white robes, priests are moving around up to the barriers which are clear to pass for the pope to be up earlier. people are pressing up to the barricades trying to take communion as the priest moves around this very, very large crowd. somebody was talking about pope benedict just a moment ago, this pope, pope francis has made a point of fighting and bringing up the name and praising the now retired poach in a number of homilies in his talks since he became pontiff last wednesday night. keep in mind they are plans. they have plans for a meeting at the papal residence where the former pope, it is now his temporary home while his quarters in the vatican are
3:05 am
being prepared. pope francis will travel there saturday for a lunch with former pope benedict and the news that he would have this meeting with him shortly after he was chosen seems to be very important to the new pontiff as a show of respect to mention the former pope and also to visit him early in the papacy. >> their relationship setting a precedent as well and cokie roberts. >> he said he's inspired by lowly concrete and faithful service and now we have to see it. we have to see what that concrete service is. and that -- this is the beginning. and we see what happens next. i am inspired by his words of hoping against hope and bringing hope to others. so, i have hope, and he said pray for him, so i will. >> this is the beginning. as one of our colleagues pointed out, all of our guests today come from different traditions, different perspectives, on this
3:06 am
one faith. he was struck by how this pope at this point has seemed to bring it all together. which i guess is something of an achievement. and what a beginning it was today. the pope coming through st. peter's square, greeting people, getting out of that jeep and kissing babies. comfortable the afflicted. praying before the tomb of st. peter and saying this mass, delivering his first major statement to the world in which he talked about service, the service he hopes to bring as cokie points out at the beginning of his papacy, the service that he believes each and every person it k bring to the world. we're going to return to regular programming now. but our coverage of this inaugural mass is going to continue on we'll have a full recap on "good morning america" this morning. of course world news later tonight. for cokie roberts, cecelilia ve and other guest here's, i'm
3:07 am
terry moran in new york. thanks for joining us. prosecutors proved the 16-year-old was drunk unable to consent. text messages, videos and in the five-day trial pros kruters proved the 16-year-old was drunk and unable to concept. text messages videos and photos say quote she was treated like a toy. steubenville is taking a cold, hard look at itself and asking are others responsible, too. elizabeth vargas, abc news, ohio. there's crisis on wall street all due to a tiny mediterranean island, cyprus, a plan that calls for seizing up to 10 percent of people's savings. bankruptcy could rick shay through the fragile economies of
3:08 am
europe straight to the u.s. a vote is expected in cyprus in the next couple of days. >> all right with a ban on supersized soda on hold michael bloomberg now taking aim at tobacco. it's to encourage young people from smoke according to the mayor. >> tobacco targets children, going neighborhoods where the bottom end of the economic ladder and they believe those people are more susceptible to add ads and less able to make the distinction. >> new york has some of the most restrictive antismoking regulations in the country, cigarettes banned in many public parks and other public places as well. brings us to the facebook question of the day. what would you do to stop children from smoking cigarettes? d logon to
3:09 am
mayor bloomberg is told to but out. >> when i cover my red wine from my cold, dead fingers i'm taking a stand. >> that's the question, how far do you go if it's really for the kids, how far do you go? >> it's about education. it's good they don't have the commercials on tv but bocks behind the counter. some of these places in new york. it's so small, i don't know where they put it. they have to put the candy bars up there. i don't know. >> i agree, where do you draw the line. >> and candy bars, where do you stop? got to hide the candy bars too. >> with the cigarettes. >> there you go. >> everyone seems to appreciate a good implosion here or there. >> why not savor the moment by dragging it out a little bit longer. >> all right. it only took a few seconds for
3:10 am
this historic bridge to vanish, huge puff of smoke, we showed it to you yesterday, it's awesome because of the camera work and angle. catch it out again. the camera catches the explosives ripping through the 80-year-old span. it was caught by kurt and mike from austin, they did it with a camera at 300 frames per second. >> are we going to see it crumbling down? >> it crumbles so slowly. >> here we go, here we go. >> you can tell how slow it's going, because you can see the flash of the dinynamite underneh it. >> that is really fantastic. >> coming up, who may really be to blame for breaking up a marriage. what a surprise. >> first courtroom drama surrounding lindsay lohan. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by resolve high traffic foam. the most trodden areas of your home, your vacuum doesn't always pick up what's left behind.
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♪ bad reputation ♪ couldn't have thought of a better song for this next story. it seems she's in courtrooms more than movies. lindsay lohan made another appearance before a judge yesterday and was sentenced for
3:15 am
another car crash which happened last summer. >> as most of these seem to go with the star let. her court day was filled with drama. rob hayes has more. >> reporter: a private jet from new york city to l.a.x., a quick scramble into an awaiting suv then a pit stop outside of a los angeles liquor store. after several minutes swapping vehicles the motorcade of suvs finally pulled into the courthouse parking lot. lindsay lohan ran the media gauntlet within a shatter of gritter 45 minutes late for day one of her trial. it was a trial that never began after 3 1/2 hours of back room negotiate the troubled actress accepted a plea deal. >> how do you plead? >> no contest. >> reckless driving. how do you plead? >> no contest. >> lindsay indicated she's extremely gratified with the end result. at the conclusion of this case,
3:16 am
lindsay will have a completely clean record. she will not have any convictions. >> lohan was facing three misdemeanor counts related to a car wreck in santa monica including reckless driving and lying to police. per the deal she'll spent 90 days in a locked rehab facility. 30 days of community labor and undergo 18 months of psycho therapy. >> this is a fair result, we do believe she got rehab which was led to believe she needed. >> even after lohan left the courthouse. >> i want to know why you're still up here. >> the lohan circus was still over. lindsay's father michael bursting into her attorney's news conference accusing him of misrenting the actress. >> he lied to her. she was facing more time until mr. haller had pressure put on him because the prosecutor's office knows he was tampering with a witness. in case this went to trial, he's
3:17 am
going to be investigated. in case this went to trial, he's [ woman ] don't forgeted. the yard work!
3:18 am
♪ follow me everything is all right ♪ >> all of ♪ ♪ follow me everything is all right ♪ >> always wonderful music choice here's at "world news now" we got big news on the show for you. john mill mueller has officially entered the twitter verse. that's why this is our favorite story of the word. >> you are ready to follow and be followed. >> what do you call this? this is my handle? >> this is your handle. the way you say it, @john muller
3:19 am
is my handle. >> i'm typing something up. i'm about to make my very first tweet. >> very first tweet on live television. >> here we go. all right. i wonder what it says. >> this is written all over live tv. >> i believe it's sent. >> no. there you are. live. >> should come up soon. >> now, i don't know anything about this hashtag stuff -- >> so the hashtag stuff -- >> i'm 30 years old. if you ask me, i really have no idea. there it is, what does it say? >> there it is. you asked, i delivered. i'm officially twitterriffic. next time when fans search for that they can find you and all of your tweets. you are wonderful and twitteriffic. >> thank you, thank you. >> now you can tweet him, all of the love you have been sending to me, i have delivered it but now you can send it to him directly. he's officially in the
3:20 am
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♪ all right. let's do the mix. this ought to be good. i haven't seen it, but i've read it. you know in the news business we go breaking news, this just in. breaking news for a huntsville, alabama, anchor woman. she goes to read thor to. turns out the breaking news is actually a wedding proposal from her from her longtime boyfriend. let's listen. >> fox 4 has just learned that a huntsville news anchor is being proposed on live tv right now. >> julian, will you marry me? >> yes. >> how great is that? >> i tend to not like these stunts but i i like this one. her twitter page is filled with congratulations and updates. she didn't have type to read the script before she did it live that's when they longtime boyfriend got on one knee and they're excited. there you go. >> more of this story if you're an anchor person out there in
3:24 am
the world and lots of them watching, read your script. >> this just in, i want a divorce. that would not be good, right? >> all right. coming from a mom who has many, many sleepless day, i guess, because i work all night. apparently there was a study that came out that says one in three marriages come to a divorce because of crying babies. >> speaking of, one in three. >> you have a 33 percent chance -- >> i don't know if the math is all that great. 2,000 parents, 30 percent of them divorce or straighted because of that. sleepless nights interrupted by babies crying. 11 percent of these couples said they pretend to be asleep so the partner tends to the baby. another 11 percent shut the door to block off the noise. i haven't been able to do that. and 9% turn up the television, if we are the television, turn
3:25 am
us up so you don't have to hear your baby cry. >> it's like chicken, who is going get up, who is going to wait? >> i sleep. >> all right it's my turn. >> there you go, the history channel "the bible" is a huge hit. everybody is talking about it. it's gone through the roof. >> huge controversy, the actor who plays the devil himself apparently looks like president obama. >> oh. >> he kind of does. >> the show is saying it's not intentional, it's ridiculous, they have tremendous respect for president obama, i'm paraphrasing but mark bmark burnett the producer
3:26 am
3:27 am
3:28 am
> this morning on "world news now" -- inaugurating francis. leaders from around the world are at the vatican as the new leader of the roman catholic church formally takes his place as pope. >> catholics are expecting so much from francis as the church faces so many hot button issues. it's tuesday, march 19th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. more than a million people have descended upon the vatican for the pope's inaugural mass. that's our top story this half-hour. >> also this morning, the hot button topic for the supreme court, gay marriage. former secretary of state hillary clinton did an about face on the topic. could she be setting a new political stage with eyes on the white house. >> safety questions after 11 crashes involving small planes over the weekend. the fatalities, the investigation and our own look at hazards in the sky. >> later on our favorite reality show is back. who may be impressing the judges of "dancing with the stars."
3:29 am
in the brand-new season that just got underway last night. meet the contenders among the dozens of contestants coming up in "the skinny." >> that was a nasty move. >> she was great. don't ask me her name. she is on the disney channel. alexa would know her. but first we talk about an historic day at the vatican as leaders from arend the world attend pope francis's inaugural mass. >> there is heartfelt joy for millions of roman catholics for the new hope and there are serious questions about his past. abc's ron claiborne reports from rome. >> reporter: on the one side the new hugely popular pope. on the other his old nemesis president of native argentina. they sat together like old friends. christina kirchner stand for a new view of a changing world, embracing gay marriage, sex education in schools, free contraceptives in hospitals. when he was a cardinal in argentina, kirchner described
3:30 am
his social views as medieval. with his humble words and informal style, pope francis has become enormously popular in a few days. what the world is just beginning to learn is how conservative he is on social issues. >> the world is probably going to have a bit of a wake-up call when the pope starts speaking about hot button issues. >> reporter: he often clashed with kirchner over legalizing gay marriage calling it the devil's handiwork. he called gay adoption discrimination against children and denounced abortion as promoting a culture of death. but the powerful catholic strongholds of argentina and brazil are becoming more progressive. gay marriage is legal. contraception readily available. threatening to put the popular new pope on a collision course with changing opinions in a part of the world where the church needs to grow. ron claiborne, abc news, rome. despite the controversy in argentina, hundreds of people gathered in buenos aires to watch the pope's formal
3:31 am
installation. they gathered for an all-night vigil to celebrate inaugural mass, huge video screens are set up around the country where argentineans are watching the solemn ceremonies live. turning to a financial crisis in europe creating worry on wall street. the dow dropped yesterday, closing down 62 points. all tied to the fortunes of the tiny mediterranean island of cyprus. hundreds of protesters took to the streets to rally against their government's new bailout agreement. the plan calls for seizing up to 10% of people's savings accounts. the bankruptcy in cypress could cause a ripple effect through fragile economies of europe to the u.s. a vote is expected in cyprus in the next couple of days. >> president obama leaves for a trip to the middle east including his first visit to israel since he was a presidential candidate in 2008. president obama is hoping to restart long-stalled peace talks between israel and palestine. mr. obama's departure marks one of the rare times when both the president and the vice president are both traveling out of the
3:32 am
country at the same time. >> another major politician, a change on gay marriage. hillary clinton, presidential candidate potentially, she supports the rights of gays and lesbians to marry. according to our latest poll, clinton is not the only american changing her views as the supreme court is consider this issue. good morning. >> good morning, john, diana. you know, gay marriage is legal now in nine states and banned in 31 others. but there is a seismic shift in american's perceptions about gay rights. a shift hillary clinton is reflecting. former secretary of state hillary clinton announced her support for same-sex marriage. >> i support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. i support it personally and as a matter of policy and law. >> reporter: clinton's announcement in line with an abc news/"washington post" poll on the subject showing support for gay marriage at an all-time high. 58% supporting it. only 36% opposed. that's a complete reversal from
3:33 am
ten years ago when 55% of americans opposed same-sex marriage. once a hot button issue, politicians are reflecting this change in public opinion. when clinton campaigned for the presidency in 2008 like then-candidate barack obama she opposed marriage for gay couples. >> well, i'm not in favor of gay marriage. >> reporter: clinton invoked god a reason to support same-sex marriage. >> to deny the opportunity to any of our daughters and sons, solely on the basis of who they are, and who they love, is to deny them the chance to live up to their own god given potential. >> reporter: even among republicans support for gay rights is increasing. >> the entire country is moving towards greater equality and inclusion and it is encouraging to see the republican party is addressing that. >> reporter: hillary clinton's statements put her in line with other likely democratic candidates for president in 2016. further fueling all that speculation about her political future. lana zach, abc news, new york. >> all right, lana.
3:34 am
thank you. spring a day away. the northeast getting slammed by a nasty blast of winter weather. a powerful storm dumping heavy snow on the northern plains. the midwest now bearing down, the northeast. half a foot of snow on the ground outside of new york city. cars spinning out on slushy roads. i know all about that. that happened to me this morning. by the time it is over parts of new england will be buried under more than a foot. severe storms made a mess of the southeast. the wild weather rolled in with heavy rain, baseball-sized hail, fierce wind sent debris everywhere. at least eight injured across alabama as the storm tore through trees, crashed down on utility poles, landed on houses cut power to 200,000 homes and businesses. >> from the deep south to upper new england, this last day of winter, last day of winter storms is no joke. >> none at all. accuweather's jim dickey here to tell us the worst is potentially yet to come as day break approaches. good morning, jim. >> good morning, john, diana. a wintry mess on tap for portions of the northeast.
3:35 am
an area of low pressure strengthening along the coast moving northward and eastward. dragging in warmth with it. i-95, boston, new york city a mix, just plain rain through the afternoon. as you track further inland. heavy snow through the day. many spots well in excess of a foot. that includes much of vermont, new hampshire, central and western maine. john, diana. back to you. >> here is a look at the rest of your weather. drying out in the south with the exception of thunderstorms from jacksonville to miami. snow showers from kansas city into nebraska. rain from san francisco to seattle. and avalanche watches in the cascades and northern sierra range. >> mostly 50s in the pacific northwest and rockies. 15 in fargo. 22 in the twin cities. 30s for much of the midwest. 41, in boston. 51 in new york. >> milwaukee brewers' fans can't wait to hear "play ball." but something very big is standing in the way of that. >> opening day around the corner. but miller park, yeah, filled
3:36 am
with snow. from the field to the seats, to the parking lot. temperatures have been much too low to let it all melt away. >> that means snow removal crews are ready to descend on the ballpark this week. the work should take several days because milwaukee has had that much snow. >> crazy, two weeks away from opening day. i have been watching all my beloved mets' games on the tv. >> i know. >> playing in sunny florida. seems impossible to imagine. >> seems unnatural. that it's that bad. in fact, there in milwaukee, usually all they have to do is wait for it to melt away. and it usually does. this i think is one of the first times they had to go out there and do work to play some ball. >> crazy shot. i'm waiting for the, you know when new york city pops when suddenly everybody loses their winter clothes and all showing skin. that magical moment where it happens. everybody exhales. when it is going to happen for us? >> we're waiting. >> here's why everybody should have a covered stadium.
3:37 am
>> but i like, retractible roof. maybe. >> we can solve every problem. just come to us. >> we don't need any taxes. >> there you go. yeah. >> talk ourselves into a circle. >> from the basketball court to the courtroom. the athletic star relieved after a big legal decision. >> later, wild animals, tamed, as pets. foxes, maybe? what do you think? are they worthwhile companions? how much would you pay for one? you are watching "world news now". ♪ "world news now" weather brought to you by lyme away turbo power. using that cleaner.od luck excuse me, miss ? he's right. those are tough hard water stains, and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, 85% of us have hard water and many don't even know it. you need lime-a-way. lime-a-way is specially formulated
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all right, concern about the rash of small plane crashes. this morning there were a rash of small plane crashes. jim avila went on a test flight to find out what is going on. >> my plane is stalled at 3,000 feet. entering a depth spot too often for pie the los their final vuf earth. >> sometimes they do get lucky like this idaho pilot who walked away when his plane stalled into the tree tops. >> just this weekend, there were nine fayalities and 11 small plane crashes nationwide. this one into a house in south bend, indiana, killing two. another in fort lauderdale killing three. all are under investigation.
3:42 am
>> when we see crashes in aviation 97% of those fatalities occur in general aviation. >> reporter: there are more private pilots in the air now than ever before. small planes average five accidents a day, nearly 500 americans die in small planes each year. >> frankly almost all of these accidents are preventable. >> reporter: private pilots don't get the training they need to recover from emergencies says the spin doctor rich stole. how many have you done? >> more than 33,000. >> reporter: he teaches private pilots like me to overcome panic and human instinct to survive straight stalls. barrel rolls caused by high wind or turbulence. oh, ha-ha. and that deadly spin toward the ground. >> i tell people the first 1,000 spins are the hardest. >> reporter: for pilots the difficult lesson is to resist the temptation to pull up when the plane stalls. instead pushing the controls toward the ground.
3:43 am
>> we have to replace the survival instinct with the brain telling the body, no, you have to do this. you have to do that. >> reporter: experience that few of the 220,000 american pilots today actually have. jim avila, abc news, california. >> jim is a good pilot. wow, it's impressive. >> people that don't fly the little planes, myself. i don't know about you. the only way to compare is when you are in a snowstorm, they tell you to turn into the spin. your brain just doesn't -- >> yeah. that's not what you want to do when you're spinning this way. you don't want to spin into it. you want to overcorrect to the other side. that's not the way you want to do it. >> absolutely. you can't panic. >> i'm impressed with jim. he's a pilot. jim avila, who knew. >> coming up. a dance contestant, thousand of steps on the floor. >> right, and known worldwide for a scandal, using social media to make an introduction? that's next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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3:46 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> time for "the skinny," everybody. big day here at abc and "dancing with the stars" 16th season. two hour premier. can you believe it? 16th season. lots to tell you about. all kinds of things happened. lots of new stars. and well-known stars, which is kind of a surprise. a lot of people that you have heard of. so, here is a couple of the highlights. that little girl, zendaya coleman. dancing contemporary number the a score of 24 out of 30. the highest. >> it looks darn good, right. >> anyway. kellie pickler. the country star. the cha-cha, derek hough. they score 21 also.
3:47 am
very good dance. she hit it out of the park. all right. and now we've got a couple of low-lights that we want to share with you. oh, andy dick. there he is. >> oh. >> a little stiff. also lost his place. a couple times. did the 17. fox trot. not a great score. it's the first dance. but i understand, not bad. tried quick step there. comedian d.l. hugley with cheryl burke. did the cha-cha, 12 out of 30. terrible. it's okay. the first chance. a 12 not great at all. >> i feel the man's pain. >> you know what? it's a quick three minutes. but if you go out there and do a good job, they reward you for it. it can be the longest three minutes in the world. oh, yeah. >> longest three minutes in the world. >> let's talk tiger woods. >> what about him? >> winning. i believe he is number one golfer in the world again. could be wrong. i think he is. he announced his relationship with lindsey vonn. he said lindsay and i have
3:48 am
become very close and are dating. thank you for your support. we respect our privacy. linds lindsey vonn the gold medal skier. she backed it up. it is not a well kept secret. i am dating tiger woods. our relationship developed from a friendship into something more. blah, blah, blah. it's made me very happy. there we go. lots of rumors. >> i said this before. who does she remind you of? >> his ex. >> they look identical. all the women he cheats with are all brunettes. >> call me, tiger, we'll go out for wings and beer after we play 18. >> he'll have a bus full of beautiful women waiting for you at the end. >> that's the only reason you want to hang out with tiger, i know. >> i want to play golf. >> of course you do. moving on to michael jordan, a well-known figure. think they used to party together actually.
3:49 am
the woman who filed a paternity law suit against michael jordan dropped her lawsuit. >> really? >> she says. >> sigh of relief. >> apparently she said she had a 16-year-old who was the son of michael jordan. he denied it. flatly. the entire time. he also filed a counterclaim seeking sanctions against smith to make this false claim. in the end it was dropped voluntarily. case dismissed. boom. there you go top of the world once again. >> you better believe he is excited for sure. black eyed peas replacing a pregnant fergie, says a source close to the situation. it is not as bad, she'll take time off with the baby, and bring in a singer. when fergie wants back. she can have it back. according to >> quickly, tmz reporting lil wayne who suffered from seizures in the hospital in icu for a long time. he is now getting much better. not only is he in stable condition. he has been released from the hospital in los angeles. good for him. back on track. back to making some rap songs. >> outstanding news there. songs. >> joutstanding news there.
3:50 am
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♪ foxy lady ♪ >> all right, lots of people sharing their homes with unusual animals. boa constrictors, chimpanzees, pot-bellied pigs. >> not a good idea. now as a russian experiment, foxes are being domesticated. yes, foxes. our reporter discovers what it takes to work out the wild and turn them into tame. >> reporter: meet afonia the fox. he loves belly rubs, playing and amazingly people. a normal fox would bite me. but afonia is one of the world's first and only domesticated foxes. soon he and others like him will travel from the farm in siberia to new lives with american families as pets. the product off an incredible soviet experiment. to see the animals for ourselves
3:54 am
we traveled to the russian city with exotic animal importer and a veterinarian renee baker. >> how are you? >>. >> reporter: they're selling for about $8,000. and if you've got that, just remember, these animals love to dig. >> they're just like a dog. it is quite fascinating we are able to train them to sit. stay. fetch the balls. they'll play chase with you. >> reporter: it is easy to forget not too long ago this was a wild animal. >> how pretty. you are so soft. >> reporter: it all began when soviet scientists wanted to study how wolves turn into dogs. they tried to replicate the evolution with foxes. they selected only the least aggressive foxes for mating. after a few generations they observed something incredible these natural hunters became less fearful of humans. eventually they begin to show affection. these animals are not trained. they're now genetically tame,
3:55 am
their appearance too, their legs are shorter some wag their tails. this fox has been with his owners for a few months. he's living the life in florida. lazy afternoons on the porch. walks on the beach in the evening. a long way away from the frozen farm in siberia. >> you brought up a point. it's true. fox rescues at the humane society, right? >> there are way too many dogs out there, right? look at you, fox with a fox. adopt a dog. don't buy an $8,000 fox. >> they're foxy though. they look good. don't they? >> get a dog. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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3:58 am
this morning, more severe storms. >> the latest storm that battered the plains now moving into northern new england. a system stretching into the deep south spawned several tornadoes and another rough morning for millions. the latest forecast. >> inauguration day at the vatican. thousands of the faithful packing st. peter's square right now. pomp and pageantry to honor the new pope, francis. incredible story of how a massacre was averted. a student's supply of guns and explosives found in his dorm room. >> dancing makes its return to prime time with a whole new field of stars from wynonna to the bachelor, how did they do on their first dance? >> and good tuesday morning. we begin with the last day of winter going out with a bang.
3:59 am
wild weather, sleet and snow, whipping across nearly half of the country. >> winter watches and warnings right now in effect for more than a dozen states from minnesota to maine. heavy snow sweeping in the midwest descending on the northeast now overnight sending cars spinning out of control by the end of the day, northern new england could be buried in under a foot of snow. >> that same storm slammed the south with ferocious thunderstorms and powerf fuful tornadoes. they tore apart homes. one of them was an ef-1 with hurricane-force winds hitting 101 miles an hour so the big question, are these tornadoes and blizzards worse this year than in the past? abc meteorologist ginger zee crunched the numbers. >> reporter: is it that unusual? we looked at the data. for the lower 48 most meteorological winters in the last ten years have been above average. this winter was almost two degrees above average so not colder, but warmer. and when it comes to tornadoe

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